How to use Dead Sea salt?

Not many people have the chance to visit Israel and the Dead Sea, so you don’t need to feel sorry if you don’t have planed trip to Dead Sea. You can buy genuine Dead Sea salts online as well locally. For that matter, visit our shop at Kotor, Montenegro and have a unique experience testing and buying 100% Dead Sea Salt for therapeutical purposes.

Soaking in a tub is the best way to benefit from this natural approach. There are variety of Dead Sea salt products available for the skin and hair. You can use shampoo with Dead Sea salt as an ingredient, so you can minimize the may eliminate tingling, scaling, and inflammation caused by scalp psoriasis.

Bottom Line

There is no cure for psoriasis, therefore with the correct medication and therapy you’ll be able to control the inflammation additionally the scales and inflamed skin patches.

Before using Dead Sea salt for treating psoriasis speak along with your doctor, particularly if you are already taking a prescription medication.

We wish you all the best, as well this alternative therapy to improve the appearance of your condition.

Using the salt on a regular basis can keep your skin clear and healthy, and if you have more questions about Dead Sea products, we are here for you, as well in our Kotor shop.